More details surrounding the eventual lifting of the arts teachers’ demonstration indicates that government resorted to threats to subdue the striking arts teachers, 15 days into the impasse.

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Credible sources say at the time of the Kololo independence grounds engagement, the UNATU secretary Filbert Baguma and other leaders who were at the forefront had been accused with being saboteurs backed by the opposition National Unity Platform party. Filbert was personally declared ‘an enemy of the state’ by Museveni, who asked the organizers to bar him from speaking during the negotiations.

Government also asked UNATU leaders to stay away from the media or else risk being sanctioned and have their assets seized. Some relatives to the UNATU secretary say Baguma has been receiving threatening calls from security operatives who revealed plans of abducting and afflicting harm on his family if he did not call off the industrial action. In the same vein, government vowed to freeze UNATU assets and the known bank accounts.

Apparently although some schools have reopened, there are several in the upcountry where teachers have decided to abandon teaching under the prevailing deplorable terms. Some teachers have resorted to farming and Boda Boda riding to generate better quick income.

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