The embattled Minister for Energy also ex Kiboga woman Member of Parliament Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa pleaded with the crowd of protesters who engulfed her over the weekend as she went to attend an NRM diaspora arranged convention.

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The motive of the conference is to give an inspiration to the international community that Uganda is democracy in a bid to reduce sanctions of the Museveni government which has stayed in power for over three decades.

Minister Nankabirwa struggled to convince the furious protesters that her presence in Canada has nothing to do with government, but rather it is her personal effort to meet the Ugandans in this particular jurisdiction.

“I came here on my own and by myself. Nobody has delegated me,” pleaded Nankabirwa. “I am not here for NRM duties,” she begged as her endeavors fell on deaf ears.

“So you are here to enjoy the democracy and peace in Canada? Are you seeing how peaceful and convenient Canada is?,” one protester told her. “Go back and fix our country. Education in Uganda is a scam. There are no drugs in government hospitals,” another protester added as they collectively chanted ‘People Power our Power’ slogan prompting the embarrassed Minister and her aides to flee.

Presently, a crisis is looming with the donor community accusing the Museveni led government with being custodians of rights violations. A late June meeting between the Human Rights Watch boss Kenneth Roth and Museveni in Ntungamo presidential state lodge didn’t materialize after the duo fell out on how the November 2020 killings report was delayed. The HRW boss sought to understand if the implicated military officers were apprehended, but Museveni adamantly declined to divulge into the details, resorting to his usual rhetoric of attributing the atrocities to past regimes. He added that he did not need any lectures on human rights, saying Africa has prevailed through worse eras of terror.

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