After their planned retirement was postponed to next month, Gen David Sejusa, and Gen Edward Kale Kayihura might have to wait a little longer. 

Sejusa and Kayihura’s long-awaited retirement from the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) was reportedly approved by the army council and high command in April. According to media sources, the senior military leaders who had long desired to retire from the army were planning to do so this month. However, we discovered that their retirement was postponed. 

According to sources, the change in the retirement program was a result of the recent amendments into the payment structure of top army officials whose wages were increased by over 100%. 

Generals who have been earning slightly above Shs 2 million will reportedly be earning over Shs 15 million. 

While it is not yet clear if an agreement was reached for the generals’ salaries to be increased by only 100 per cent. 

 Another matter of contention is how Kayihura will be retired when he is still battling charges related to espionage in General Court Martial. Three months after losing his position as IGP in March 2018, Kayihura was accused of arming civilian groups with weapons that were a preserve of the armed forces. 

There is also contention on whether Sejusa will be accorded the same retirement package. Sejusa fell out with the government he fought to bring in power after his dossier about the ‘Muhoozi Project’ in 2013 revealed that Museveni was preparing grounds for his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba to take over him through the purging of the old army guard especially the officers opposed to the move. 


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