At the beginning of June, authorities in Masaka launched a task force to spearhead a fresh Covid-19 vaccination drive in more than 14 public institutions but the exercise has been unsuccessful. 

According to Authorities, the uptake was extremely very low even among those who received the first jab and those who were supposed to get the booster jab. 

“Over 8,000 doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine have expired due to low uptake by locals in Masaka City,” health authorities have said. 

According to Dr. Patrick Kasendwa, the city health officer for Masaka , there are currently only 1,500 doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccinations left in the region that have not yet expired. 

Regarding the Pfizer doses that ran out last week, he reiterated, “We continue to urge the public to go to immunization clinics and take shots because it’s the only way we can battle and overcome the Covid-19 pandemic.” 

Prior to this, the Ministry of Health had supplied at least 720 000 doses of Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson to clinics, hospitals affiliated with religious institutions, and other outreach programs in Masaka City. 

According to Dr. Kasendwa, Masaka City has so far fully immunized almost 180,000 people, and more than 16 new cases have been reported, however the patients were treated at home. 






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