After spending months heaping praises on him as the best Leader of Opposition to ever exist in the 36 year reign of President Museveni, the speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Anita Among has this Wednesday morning paid a courtesy visit to the office of LOP, to have bilateral talks with the NUP strongman.

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“This morning I had a brief stopover in the office of my brother the LOP @MathiasMpuuga.As @Parliament_Ug, we value his contribution to our legislative work and in offering alternatives to Government policies,” she tweeted a couple of hours back.

The meeting took place at Level 5 of the Parliament building where the office of the Leader of Opposition is situated. Details of the meeting were still covert by the time we filed this report save for the tweet made by the speaker, Among. Sources say the duo are working on a yet to be revealed project.

As soon as Mr. Mpuuga was appointed as Leader of Opposition, he started on drafting a legislative agenda his team that included committee chairpersons and deputies, shadow cabinet ministers and the Chief Opposition Whip (COW) would use to draw ideas on what needs to be discussed as business of Parliament.

Minister Nankabirwa praises Mpuuga (February 1, 2022)

During the EACOP event at Kololo independence grounds earlier this year, energy Minister Ruth Nankabirwa heaped praises for Mpuuga in the presence of President Museveni.

“But your excellency let me also inform you, the country and all stakeholders that without the patriotic role the Deputy Speaker (Among) played, closely working with the Leader of Opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga, we wouldn’t be here celebrating this very important FID landmark today,” said Nankabirwa whose Energy Ministry was the lead GoU agency in pushing through the necessary legislation relating to the EACOP.

Spy Chief David Pulkol on Mpuuga (May 23, 2022)

The ex spy chief David Pulkol appraised the LOP for steering a good legislative agenda since he assumed the office in May 2022.

“How has opposition performed in the first year of the 11th Parliament. We find it to be different from the opposition of FDC in the 10th Parliament. We have seen the leader of opposition of NUP has come with a new management style of delegating powers,” Pulkol stated.

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Before the eyes of the opposition loyalists, Mpuuga has been faulted for using a soft approach for instance his failure to lay strategies to mitigate the economic meltdown and his lack of strategy to have the jailed NUP MPs and political prisoners released.

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