For a mother who has delivered at Packwach Health Centre IV via caesarean procedure, three kilometers away from the health centre is where their journey to recovery commences. 

After delivery the new mother is carried into a waiting ambulance to a provisional maternity ward three kilometers away from the health facility because the maternity ward at the facility is dilapidated and a disaster in waiting. 

According to the officer in-charge of the health unit, Dr John Bosco Oryema, in 2019 the facility’s maternity building was condemned therefore women booked for caesarean deliveries are taken to provisional maternity unit who have to be ferried from the (provisional) maternity to the theatre for operations and taken back to the maternity on a rough terrain. 

According to Dr Oryema, the process is hectic and risky to a mother who has just undergone such a procedure.  

“It is a big challenge because this mother needs enough rest and must not move such a long distance. There is a high possibility that the mother can get infected along the way,” he says. 

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