Protests over skyrocketing commodity prices in Jinja are under way. 

Following a sharp increase in commodity prices for the last few months after prices of fuel sky rocketed, protestors have taken to the streets to burn Tyres as a way of showing dissatisfaction towards the skyrocketing commodity prices and the way Government is handling this crisis. 

Reports so far indicate that residents wishing to travel to Jinja city suburbs of Namulesa, Bugembe, Mpumudde and Mafubira have to either walk or use motorcycles since taxis remain grounded. 

The Deputy Inspector General of Police (IGP), Maj Gen Tumusiime Katsigazi, has since warned Ugandans against engaging in demonstrations over skyrocketing commodity prices.   

For the last three months commodity prices have been rising steadily following an increase in fuel prices. Today a litre of fuel is trading at Shs. 6500 across the city and the same litre is trading at Shs. 7000 in the most remote parts of the Country. 

Many Ugandans argue that government has not done enough to address the high commodity prices and that they now look at demonstrations as the last resort for Government to intervene in this crisis. 

Neighboring countries like Kenya in a bid to curb the crisis have rolled out fuel subsidies which is not the case in Uganda, according to Mr. Museveni, government’s interventions by cutting subsidies would mislead the people to continue to consume without economizing the commodities thus plugging the country into more trouble.   


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