Following an increase in raids on food and livestock since last month, local leaders in Agago District have requested that the government send Uganda People’s Defence Forces soldiers to areas frequented by Karimojong cattle rustlers. 

According to the Agago district chairperson, raids have left many households without food and their targets include chicken, goats and are even uprooting the little cassava people have in their gardens.
 “This month, two people were killed, making it nine deaths this year and more than 790 head of cattle have been stolen. We can’t quantify the food items that have been looted but many people don’t have anything to eat,” he added.   

The district chairperson also revealed that the most affected areas include Lira Kato, Adilang, and Paimol, adding that the soldiers deployed there have failed to manage the situation.

 “Karimojong attacks include all wards bordering Akwang, Katurukuk, Aloi, Lacua, Ngora and Omiya Pacua, and Adilang,” Mr Ogwok added. 

Reports by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund and government statistics indicate that 8 in every 10 Karimojong households have no or limited food and hunger-related diseases have killed more than 900 residents since start of the year. 

Last week, the government through the office of the prime minister dispatched 790 metric tonnes of relief food to Karamoja Sub-region and well wishers such as NUP, NGO’s and so many other groups have since sent relief support to Karamoja to help curb the crisis that is claiming lives. 

The Resident District Commissioner, Mr Emmanuel Okot, noted that they have intensified the security to ensure the safety of people and their properties and have since arrested two Karimojong who were found cooking some of the food items they had looted up in the hill bordering Agago and Karamoja. 


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