At the invitation of his Beninese counterpart, Patrice Talon, French President Emmanuel Macron is on a business visit in Benin. 

Among other things, President Macron is scheduled to meet with Mr. Talon at the Marina Palace in Cotonou and then proceed to the exhibition of the royal artifacts that the French government returned to Benin in November. 

While in Benin, Macron is expected discuss ways to combat an increase in terrorist threats and to prevent it from spilling into countries in the Gulf of Guinea.   

During his visit to Cotonou, French opposition and majority MPs have also appealed to Macron to put a lot of pressure on President Talon on the issue of human rights citing the persecution of political rivals, particularly the former minister of justice, Reckya Madougou, and the constitutionalist Jol Avo, who were each given prison terms of twenty and ten years, respectively. 

On Thursday, Macron will make his final stop in Guinea-Bissau, where he will look into plans to establish a French school on land designated by the local government.  

Guinea-Bissau’s head of state, Umaro Sissoco Embalo, took over the chairmanship of the Economic Community of West African States on July 3. This will also be the first visit to this small Portuguese-speaking state, a way of affirming that France’s African policy intends to address the entire continent and not only French-speaking countries. 


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