On Wednesday, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov criticized the reliance of the global economy on the US dollar. 

Speaking at a press conference in Addis Ababa, Lavrov noted that the reliance on the US dollar in supporting the world economy was “not so very promising” adding that countries are now shifting to using alternative currencies “more and more” a process that that will be gaining momentum in due course. 

Additionally, Lavrov stated that people would have to decide what kind of world they desired to live in since the world was undergoing an “important historical time.” 

 He stated, “Either we have a universe that is based on the United Nations charter, which declares that the United Nations is founded on the idea of sovereign equality of nations, or we have a world where the right of force, the right of the strongest, dominates.” 

Lavrov’s visit in Addis Ababa on Wednesday was a wrap up of a four-nation African tour aimed at drumming up support for Moscow at a time of confrontation with Western powers over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

In the same way seeking to convince African leaders and, to a much lesser extent, ordinary people that Moscow cannot be blamed either for the conflict or the food crisis going on across the World. 


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