The NRM Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo P’odel has scoffed at critics who are lashing out at him over the Thursday night altercation he had with the Kampala city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

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Opondo says he would at any time repeat the same thing if he ‘had a chance’ accusing the Lord Mayor with being a provocative person.

“Lukwago is very provocative. I’ve been seeing him taunt other panelists on the show. We cannot allow opposition politicians to fabricate lies on us,” Opondo said. “He accused me with shooting someone. That’s where my rage and fury stemmed from,” he added.

But a 2005 court case shows indeed Opondo shot at a young man in Naguru, but the case did not capture press attention as by then he was the NRM head of communication.

In reference to last night’s altercation, Opondo insists that he does not regret being aggressive and violent.

Meanwhile, Ugandans have taken to social media to petition NBS Television urging it to cancel Ofwono Opondo from frequenting the show.

“Opondo’s conduct does not reflect the importance of this show. He has to stay home if he can’t control his emotions,” commented one Ugandan.

NBS statement

A debate, unfortunately, went out of hand on #NBSFrontline this evening, leading to its premature end.

Thankfully, our Production team’s quick action relatively minimized the impact on and off air.

All our guests safely left the Park.

Apologies for all inconvenience.

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