Uganda’s longest serving tyrant Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni a pro-Soviet ideologue has been cautioned against drifting into a staunch critique for the West, moments after hosting a high ranking Kremlin official who visited Kampala last week on July 26.

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Museveni hosted the visting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to whom he confessed how Uganda could not sacrifice its 100 year old bilateral relationship with Russia over a mere request of the West.

Museveni, a key ally to the West over his military prowess in the East African region castigated the West for having caused a lot of suffering on the people of Africa in the preceding century of colonialism. He said Russia never had bad intentions for Africa unlike the West.

“We have even forgiven our former enemies, the colonialists, the ones who have colonised us, the ones who had actually taken slaves from here and who did bad things. We have forgiven them and we are working them,” Museveni said.

The visit signalled warm relations between Kampala and the Kremlin, which has been militarily supportive to Museveni’s leadership.

The US has since dispatched its special representative to the United Nations Ms. Linda Thomas Greenfield to visit Kampala and debunk the ‘possible lies’ left behind by Lavrov. Even the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is said to be preparing for a special visit to Africa, days after Russia’s FM Sergey Lavrov has left the continent.

But analysts have warned the Museveni’s stance on the West in likely to impact on Kampala. Political analysts warn that Uganda risks isolation by western countries because of its close relations with Russia, a country that is under sanctions over its February invasion of Ukraine.

The warning by political commentators comes days after French President Emmanuel Macron accused some African leaders of hypocrisy over the Ukrainian war. Russia and the West are scrambling for support on the African continent which is seemingly standing on neutral grounds on the Ukrainian war.

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