The National Unity Platform party Secretariat is yet to drop some of the names at the Parliamentary leadership, an insider has disclosed to this newspaper.

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The reshuffle which will be announced later this week is said to be inspired by the events inside parliament. Credible sources say the NUP party Secretariat leadership feels some of the leaders have derailed from the party expectations, and have since settled for comfort at the expense of the people’s struggle for liberation.

“We will have our mini-reshuffle later this week,” the source confirmed minus divulging into details of what exact people will be dropped. “We have noticed that some have become accomplices and enablers of the regime. Majority hobnob with the speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Anita Among,” added the source.

The same source further intimates that the reshuffle is eyeing at deploying party loyalists in those fat offices. Amongst some of the credentials considered by the principal is one’s ability to reject compromise. The source says deployment will be premised on whether one features on the list of people who fetched the UGX 40m cash bribe from parliament.

Meanwhile, a joint opposition press is set to be held this Monday afternoon at Hotel Africanna. Delegations from NUP and Besigye’s People’s Front for Transition are expected to attend.

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