Fresh news coming in indicates that the Naguru based NBS TV have dismissed the Government spokesperson Mr Ofwono Opondo as a regular Penalist (Frontliner) for assaulting the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago live on the show last Thursday.

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The decision has been arrived at after NBS viewers took to social media and threatened to boycott the programs of this station, citing the ugly scenario.

“Next time I see Ofwono on TV, I will smash my TV,” threatened one NBS viewer. “The TV station is supposed to protect its panelists from harm. This is a battle of intellect, not physical strength,” tweeted another NBS viewer.

NBS have advertised the slot for a Frontliner, a signal that they have dropped the regular panelist Ofwono Opondo.

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Meanwhile, Ofwono Opondo’s matter has today been raised at plenary by the Mityana district Member of Parliament Hon. Joyce Bagala Ntwatwa who urged Parliament to investigate the misconduct of the Government mouthpiece and deliver justice to the affected Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

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Minister for Information and National Guidance Dr. Chris Baryomunsi who was a panelist at the show described the incident as ‘regrettable’ and pledged to champion a ‘reconciliation’ for the duo.

Police have not yet issued criminal summons for the implicated Ofwono Opondo by the time we filed this story.

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