NRM government leaning business and renowed events promoter Balaam Barugahare Atenyi is under fire after aggrieved locals from Mbale city threatened to boycott a music concert he has organized at a time when the region grabbles with a disaster of floods.

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Torrential weekend heavy rains ravaged the area and spilled river banks resulting into several deaths amounting to 29 people as recorded by today, August, 3. Many people’s whereabouts remain unaccounted for as they were swept off by the floods.

Poster shows a list of musicians convened by Balaam Barugahare for a concert

However, amidst all this, Balaam Barugahare has convened a list of artistes, including Mikie Wine, a younger brother to opposition figure, Bobi Wine.

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The concert has drawn untold anger with locals threatening to afflict harm on the musicians should they dare lay foot in the ‘bleeding’ Bugisu subregion ravaged by natural disasters

“Dear Mr. Balaam, kindly take your concert elsewhere,” said Kaluya Alex, a bereaved Mbale resident mourning his younger brother who perished in the floods. “Mbale people if u are true to urself tell these non living things that we are mourning our people they should get another time to do their rubbish we have not heard anything like message of condolences or any help the fools want to come in mbale to make money we need to discpline these fools .mbale wake up and finally make mbale musicians also an issue hope am speaking to someone,” Masaba Fostin, a Mugisu in the diaspora wrote on social media.

Some of the damage caused by the floods that swept Mbale

Meanwhile, another landslide that swept villages was yesterday reported in Buduuda district where State Minister for Karamoja Affairs Hon. Agnes Nandutu hails from.

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