Overtime, celebrated secular Musician Winnie Nakanwagi popularly known by her stage name Winnie Nwagi has encountered stiff criticism by her fans over her skimpy sense of style and dress and this has finally caught up with her.

Earlier this very morning the ‘sasi ku nyama’ singer who had come to update her travel documents was bounced at Internal affairs because of her dress code. Police officers manning the Ministry pushed the ‘ndaba ku ki Malaika’ singer and ordered her to return when she dresses better.

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Winnie Nwagi pressed by Anti-Pornography Committee

At this rate, we might all agree that just like a toddler, Nwagi isn’t a fan of clothing. In a video already circulating on social media, police officers at Internal Affairs are seen turning Winnie Nwagi away as she dressed in her soupy short bikers and boyfriend shirt.

Am embarrassed Nwagi has since taken to social media to fume at the Internal Affairs Ministry officials. “If you hate my dressing code, give me a job. I will dress up the way you want and come perform for you in a gomesi. But as long as you don’t employ or pay me,surely then where do you get authority to negatively comment about my dressing,” the musician said.

The melodrama comes at a time when the Ministry of Education in a document issued yesterday directed all heads of schools to ban performances by secular artistes in schools citing a scene by musician Sheebah who sang for underaged children as she dressed in a skimpy short.

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