The Kawempe South Member of Parliament Hon. Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira has defended his silent stance, a day after the principal of the National Unity Platform party Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert lashed out at him for snubbing party activities.

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In a speech yesterday as the party president received DP defectors, Hon. Kyagulanyi rallied angry NUP supporters to aggressively ‘work upon’ some MPs and leaders who have derailed from the people’s struggle.

“We are here at our new party headquarters but does the area MP even know we are here? Does he know we even have a head office in his constituency?,” Kyagulanyi asked amidst loud cheers from the gathering.

Now, our reporter has finally caught up with Kazibwe Bashir a day after he was lashed out at by his party president. He says he is unmoved by threats issued by those opposed to his style of leadership.

“I have done my part only that people want to see things on camera. Some of us are not like that,” Kazibwe says. “Right now I am concentrating on my Nyce TV. Even if they don’t give me a party card life goes on. I can still run as independent and win,” he added.

Kazibwe also adds that the ongoing propaganda against him is fuelled by Roy Ssemboga, a former Bobi aide who was denied the Kawempe South NUP party ticket in favor of the former Uganda Journalists Association president. At the time of issuing the ticket, a lot had been expected from Kazibwe Bashir as an MP but one year down the road, he has done the contrary. Many sources inside parliament say Kazibwe Bashir was tamed by the speaker Anita Among who initiated him to a deal in which he was to obtain a broadcast license for his formerly online Nyce TV. Kazibwe joins the list of DP Bloc members said to be in good terms with the regime.

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