The group representing Senegal’s ruling party loses its absolute majority in Parliament for the first time in Senegal’s history since the West African country gained its independence in 1960. To pass legislation, it will have to rely on other forces in the legislature. 

The opposition had anticipated that Sall would be forced into cohabitation, or a divided administration, and that this would put a stop to any third-term aspirations he might have had and it appears to have been successful.

Yewwi Askane Wi, the largest opposition alliance, garnered 56 seats, while the rulling Wallu Senegal garnered 24 seats. 

From the 125 seats it won in 2017, the ruling coalition which comprises Sall’s Alliance for the Republic (APR) and other parties lost 43 seats and according to local media the opposition gained ground particularly in urban areas. 

The main opposition coalition has since asked the National Commission for the Census of Votes to suspend the publication of the results to examine complaints over alleged “irregularities” and “fraud” during the one-round election. 


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